Sunday 24th Nov 2013

Sunday will close the Festival with some deep yin -yang restorative yoga or a more vigorous Vinyasa flow for those still with energy for a deeper practice.

We will close the festival at lunch time with a final few words and set the intent for next year.

* Throughout the Festival we will have room for all sorts of practitioners – therapists – teachers all working in the fields of natural healing and alternative therapies and all who excel in their chosen fields to exhibit their treatments and have space to meet with the public . This will happen at the Temple Gate and be open all throughout the Festival.

As the founder & director of The Ennis Yoga Studio and a founding member of The Ennis 5 R Dance Co-Op, I am already central to the growing interest in these practices in Ennis and have experienced first hand through my own years of practice and now through years of teaching the profound changes that can occur when people come together and practice together, raising awareness, consciousness and opening up to the boundless opportunity that awaits us.
It creates an increased awareness of positive mental health of support systems of new ways of seeing, acting, responding to the challenges that face us and above all to laugh, smile and have fun when doing so. We are lucky.

Brenda Byrne
Director / The Ennis Yoga Studios
Aoife Madden
Madden Furniture


In the Plaza of the Temple Gate Hotel there will be a large decorative bare branch tree erected.
Around the tree there will be notebooks, markers and little clothes pegs inviting everyone who passes by to make a wish and add it to the tree. Wishes can be large or small and the energy of the Festival will go towards making these wishes come true! It’s a fun way to bring positivity to the Town and a very beautiful way to document the emotional health and well being of the community. Wishes can be anonymous but may be the basis for an insightful photographic project for local photographs wanting to feel inside the heart of Ennis Town.