Friday 22nd Nov 2013
9pm – 11.30pm

Silent Walking Meditation -
Procession through the Town of Ennis

To open the Festival as a Sacred Space we will gather the group in the Plaza of the Temple Gate Hotel at 11 pm on Friday night and each person will be given a candle to represent the light in themselves and the light in each other, to mark those who may have passed this year or those in the community who may be suffering through the darkness of winter.

We will begin “the silent walk” – an inner journey of ourselves in search of inner peace and spiritual awakening.
This is a beautiful non denominational practice that will infuse the town with light as we silently and slowly walk, as a group from the Plaza out onto Abbey Street, crossing over to Bank Place .
This is a most sacred and spiritual space in the heart of Ennis Town.
As the group silently make their way into St Columba’s Church, local Soprano Helen Houlihan will break the silence and open our hearts to the sounds of “Make Me a Channel of Your Peace “and ” Ave Maria” .
St Columba’s Church will be lit in Candles and this will be an amazing experience for all who attend.